Monday, December 15, 2008

Party Stuff

This last weekend we headed back to Duchesne for the Wilkerson family Christmas party. Of course it's been like 76 degrees for the past 2 weeks and then the one weekend we want to drive back home it decides to dump snow on us. Lovely. Jack says the roads "weren't too bad" but unfortunately I have my mama's random fear of driving in any road condition and so I was freaked out the entire way home. But we made it. Alive. Safe. Etc.

It was so much fun to get together with everyone. It was my parents, all the kids and their spouses (there are two Wilkerson spouses now... they even have their own designated seating at family events). We ate stuffed potatoes, played hilarious Christmas games, and exchanged sibling gifts. It was SO much fun.

Jack and I got a sweet Scene It game from Todd and Dana and a magazine subscription. I even beat Jack for the FIRST time when we played Scene It. He's a little upset.

We gave my parents their presents too. This year the boys are taking Dad to a Jazz game the first part of January and the girls got my mom a Gift Certificate for Hollow Moon so we can all go eat together and have craft day! We're pretty stoked. It rocks giving your parents presents that you get to enjoy too!

It was a perfect addition to our annual Holiday festivities and I can't wait to do it again next year!


Trent and Melanie said...

HOW FUN!! You look great too!!

suelyn w said...

Hey the Weight x-mas parties on Sunday, see ya there?? Are you guys spending x-mas at one of the parents or in Provo? Oh and the snow sucks!

Tammy said...

It’s so great that you guys have so much family so close!! FUN TIMES!