Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walking Stuff

So this weekend Jack and I headed back to the basin for some quality family time. We split up for the day so Jack could go visit his family and I could visit mine. Me and my mom and sisters spent all day making jewelry and laughing and talking... by the way did anyone realize that Halle is 11? I didn't.

I went and saw Kimberly and Cameron perform in Guys and Dolls. How adorable. They are by far the cutest most adorable actors in all of Duchesne. yay for them!

Todd and Dana gave me a tour of their house they are buying. It's adorable and I'm so jealous they get to have a home. But I'm super happy for them.

It was a quick trip. It made me miss my family and wish I lived closer. Luckily we get to go back in a couple days for Thanksgiving.

Here's an adorable picture of Jack and I. We went for a walk on the Provo River trail. It was such a gorgeous day- probably one of the last snowless days we'll have for a few months. We took it with Jacks phone so don't judge the quality.

So here's a couple Good News moments... Jack and I fully intend to buy a camera this weekend. YAY! I can finally take pictures of useless crap and post them on my blog again. Sweet! Just in time for the holidays. I also hung my Christmas wreath on the front door. It's adorable. I get to go home for Thanksgiving and eat my mom's food. Jack and I are going to see the Christmas Lights on Temple square in a few weeks. We are spending Christmas in Orem with just the two of us. See all the fun posts you get to look forward to in the coming weeks. Lucky readers!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick FYI this blog is mainly for my mom. Everyone is welcome to read it but I basically just need my mom to see all my loot and give me the stamp of approval. Ignore this post if it becomes too boring.

It is physically impossible for me to be any more excited for Christmas than I already am. Jack and I have been slowly gathering all the things we need to make this Christmas perfect, new dinnerware for our formal Christmas dinner, Christmas decorations, the perfect wrapping paper, I think you get the drift.

So yesterday we spent the day shopping for cloth napkins and napkin rings, tree decorations, gift wrapping, and cups. Jack actually has immaculate taste when it comes to these kinds of things. Of course he is manly and would much rather have been looking at guitars or video games but he was a good sport and let me have the entire day to shop for girly things. He actually did pick out most of the goods we found (plates, tree decorations, napkin rings, wrapping paper).

I just barely finished wrapping Christmas presents. We have 3 already wrapped and ready to deliver. For those of you still wondering.. yep I am my mama's daughter. (she obsessed with Christmas as well)

Ya'll better get on the ball. There's only 46 shopping days left till Christmas.

Gym Stuff

Jack and I are the proud new owners of a 24 hour Gym Membership. So far we have walked a whole 25 minutes on their treadmills and swam 10 laps in their Olympic size pool. I can feel the pounds dripping off of me.

A few weeks ago we started a "Biggest Loser" contest with Jacks family. We weigh in every Thursday and everyone sends the numbers to me and I have a handy dandy blog that keeps track of everyone's weight loss. So far Jack and I are in second place with 21 pounds lost. I'm pretty proud actually. We've done pretty well with portion sizing and we've been running on the outside track at the Jr. High near our house. Unfortunately it's getting too cold to run outside so we resorted to the gym. Hopefully that will be the boost we need to kick it into 1st place. Wish us luck!