Monday, May 25, 2009

Homedizio Stuff

Jack and I needed something to do for Memorial Day. I really wanted to do something outside in the heat and water but we realized everything would be packed so Jack came up with an even better idea.

One of our favorite places to eat is Rodizio Grill in Salt Lake. OH MY GOSH it's amazing. We love it. But because it costs over 50 bucks for just the two of us to eat we don't get it very often.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and picked up a bunch of different cuts of meat and decided to make our own. We had ribs, steak, chicken and pork all prepared differently and grilled outside. Jack did such an amazing job. It was all SO good. We call it Homedizio.

We ate our delicious meal while watching a movie and finished with smores over the oven. Great night. Hope you all had a great Memorial Day too.

Memorial Day Stuff

This year I decided to head back to Duchesne for Memorial Day weekend. Jack had to work and my mom and I wanted to get some serious crafting done (I'll share in a later post when I get everything done). I braved the traffic on Friday night along with every camper, truck and cop in Utah and headed towards the Basin.

Lucky for me I got to be there for Halle's Dance recital. My amazing Sister-in-law Dana has her own dance studio in Duchesne. She does SUCH an amazing job and has so many girls already (but she would LOVE to teach yours as well). I got to be there to see all her hard work (and Halle's- yay Halle) Doesn't Halle just look gorgeous in these pictures? She's so grown up. Weird.

I had so much fun with my family. We watched movies, talked, sewed (ALL DAY) ate delicious food. It was great. I love weekends home with my family. I get to catch up with the people I love most and I get to go back to being a kid again. No problems, no worries. Even if it is just for a weekend.

Starting Summer Stuff

A few weekends ago Jack and I decided to take advantage of this gorgeous summery weather we've been getting and head up the canyon for a BBQ. I researched all sorts of sweet spots we could go and I finally settled on a lake up Payson Canyon. It had a great spot for BBQing and we could lay out and tan and even swim if we wanted. I was SO excited. We headed up the canyon and got all the way to the top (it's really windey- not windy) only to discover that the road to the lake is closed until Memorial Day. We were bummed but ended up finding a sweet place to BBQ along a river.

Jack cooked Hamburgers while I killed bugs with matches. Good times. It was so much fun. I love summer saturday activities! And that was probably one of our last. =( Jack's work schedule got changed so he now works saturdays instead of sundays. Bummer.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Stuff

I know it's already WAY past Mothers Day- but we've had camera issues and i'm just now getting to upload my photos. So now that you already read aout everyone else's days you can read about mine too! 

It's been years since I've been able to spend the day with my mom on mothers day so I was so excited when it worked out that I could spend the entire day at home with my family. I drove out early on Sunday morning and went to church with my mom. I got to help in her primary class. Although I was looking forward to a break from the 10 three year olds I currently teach in my ward being surrounded by other people's primary kids made me miss mine. As hectic as Sundays can be I love those little kids!

After church Todd and Dana and Erik came over and we all cooked dinner for my mom. We made grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, grilled asparagus (are you catching a pattern here) baked potatoes, salads, jello, rolls, and fruit pizza. It was divine! It was a gorgeous day so we set the tables in our yard and enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to have everyone home and happy.

My mom was spoiled with presents from all of us. Dad and Cameron even gave her a certificate saying they were going to make her a walk in closet. I know she's been looking forward to that for months! It was so much fun. We sat around and took tons of pictures and laid on the grass talking. Absolutely perfect.

I am so grateful for my mom. She is my very best friend (except the hubby who without a doubt my very very best friend) and I don't know what I would do without her. Thanks so much for being a great mom and for sacrificing so much of yourself to make us happy.

I love you so much mom!

~Happy Mothers Day~

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Halle Stuff

12 years ago Halle was born into our family. Most of the kids were old enough to enjoy her being a baby. As the result she was/is spoiled rotten! But we love her SO much. She is the sweet spirit our family needed. I love her for so many reasons! Thanks for being such a special sister and one of my best friends! 

Halle is the sweetest person I know. Seriously. She is continually thinking of others and makes everyone around her feel special. 

Halle is an amazing artist. When Jack and I got married she drew us a picture of us on our wedding day. It was amazing. She framed it and we've had it hanging in our bedroom in every house we've lived in. 

Halle is such a good sport. Being the youngest of 6 kids she pretty much has to be to survive. =) She's had so many nicknames it's hard to keep track of them all. Jack and I refer to her as Lucious (because that's what we were calling her when I left the house). Kim and I sing to her whenever she gets grouchy... Lucious we love you, that's all we have to offer, Lucious we need you, please don't turn us away. It drives her nuts. 

Halle is so fun to be with. She's come and stayed with us many times since we've been married.  We've been able to do such fun things and make so many memories. She really is one of my best friends. 

Happy Birthday Halle
We love you so much! 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day Off

My mom seems to think you need a reason to play hookie from work. I say you need more reasons to go to work. It seems like a play hookie a lot. I don't. Only when I REALLY need a break. Which happens to be a lot. 

On Wednesday I woke up and had no desire to go to work. I layed in bed and thought of all the fun things we could do if we stayed home. We both called in sick and spent the day with each other. 

We spend the day lounging and having fun. Jack took me to lunch at Apollo Burger. By far our favorite burgers in Utah County. We absolutely LOVE them. We went to the library to rent Season 2 of Heroes. We walked around the mall for a while and found a killer deal on Calvin and Hobbes books. And we watched Haunting in Conneticut in a theater we had all to ourselves. We finished the night eating Orange Chicken at our favorite local chinese restaurant, China Garden, getting shakes at Dairy Queen and snuggling in bed watching Heroes. 

It's so hard to go to work after days like that. 

Cameron Weekend Stuff

Last weekend my brother came to stay with us for a couple of days. We had SO much fun. Even though they only live a few hours away I feel like I never see them. It was so nice to just spend a couple days with Cameron. 

I had to work on Friday so Jack and Cameron hung out the whole day. They hiked up to the Y and went man shopping (which includes stores like Lowe's and Sportsman's Warehouse... sad huh?) They both said they had a good time. When I got home from work that night we made junk food and started watching season 1 of Heroes. Watching TV shows on DVD make me happy. 

Saturday we spent a lot of time watching Heroes and then we all went to the nickel arcade. We become obsessed with collecting tickets. It was awsome. We earned eneough for Cameron to get this killer umbrella hat. We're a little concerned my dad will find it and fall in love with it. He has an odd attraction to ugly hats. 

I was so sad to send him back home. 

Paint Stuff

I am totally in love with spray paint. If I were Oprah I would definately give it away in my favorite things episode. I paint everything that comes through my door.  I've painted our computer desk, my movie shelf, shelf decor, drawers, etc. I LOVE it. 

A couple weeks ago Jack and I found this killer deal at the DI. It was brown and gross but I saw it's potential. We finally got around to painting it. Actually Jack did this one. Credit given. I should have taken a picture of the "before" so you knew how much better it looked but here's what it looks like now. 

Nice Saturday project eh? 

Crafty Stuff

It has been SO long since I posted. We had some camera issues but it looks like all that is resolved and now I can successfully post pictures. Hooray! 

Can you believe it's already May? This year has just flown by. We've been staying busy with work and play. Not much else goes on around here. Sometimes I feel like we're married to our jobs- and we don't even like them that much. But that's always the answer when people want to know "what's up". So there you have it. 

BUT- on the rare occasion that I find myself away from work and bored I have been doing a little of this.....  

And a little of this... 

I love crafting. Thank you for that gift mama.