Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birthday Stuff

I've had a birthday
shout hooray!

A few weeks ago I turned a whopping 23 years old. Jack is such a sweetheart and knows how I like to make holidays special. He always goes all out for my birthday and I LOVE IT!

After we both got off work we went to one of my very favorite restaurants- Ruby River Steakhouse. It's some of the best food I have ever tasted and hands down the best steak I've ever had. I love their Lettuce Wedge and Jacketed Loaded Baked Potato. Amazing. I craved this food for weeks before my birthday and my mouth waters just remembering it. Yum!

After we ate dinner we wandered over to the movie theater and saw the new Disney movie UP. It was SO cute. Jack and I both spent a good portion of the show crying. It hit a tender spot for us, and it was SO sad. Seriously. I loved it. Amazing.

After a quick trip to walmart we headed home to eat birthday cake. I am loving Oreo brand Oreo Ice Cream. Seriously the best. So of course that's what I used for my cake. I made an Oreo crust and filled it with the Oreo ice cream- let it freeze for 2 days and then topped it off with magic shell and whipped cream. Oh. My. Gosh. It was amazing. It might be the staple birthday cake at our house from now on.

Jack bought me a season of House on DVD. We LOVE that show and it's the birthday present that keeps giving. We've been watching an episode at night before bed and I just love it.

It was practically the best 23rd birthday I've ever had.

Hot Dog Stuff

A few weeks ago Jack and I decided it would be super fun to go up the canyon and roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We recruited Sam and Tiffany to join the fun and we headed off to Payson Canyon. We feel cool knowing of cool spots besides Provo Canyon. We're practically locals now.
Prior to our trip I decided to buy roasting sticks at the dollar store. Because Jack refused to enter the store with me I allowed myself to be convinced that Kabob sticks would totally work for our big fire. HAHA Not so. Everyone laughed at me, then judged me, and then Tiffany had to come up with a way better solution by tying our kabob sticks onto regular sticks. Isn't she the best?

We are loving summer weekend activities. Aren't they just the best.