Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Letter

Dear Family & Friends,

This year has been an incredibly new, fresh and exciting year. For someone out there, I bet.
We started this year as we do every year; with January. The first month had some good news that came with it; Jack got to quit his terrible, terrible job at Teleperformance USA (a French company, by the way.) My computer is underlining that business name with the red squiggly that means a word is spelled wrong, but to me it looks like the awful glow of hell fire. That place is kind of a nightmare.

Jack moved to SecurityMetrics, a very nice company (started by a Canadian) where he actually doesn't wish he would get fired every day. Seriously, it is a great job which we are very grateful for, and we've actually got a few friends in town thanks to it.

Dayna continued her difficult labor of interacting with small children across the street. Technically, her title is a “title one teachers aid,” but I think it should be called “spending time with people with similar interests.” Go team Jacob!

In April we decided to take a vacation down in heave-- I mean, San Diego. San Diego is the end of the road. Literally. I was baffled the whole time there why we don't all try to cram ourselves in there. It was so pretty and fun that we were sad it was only a two day trip. Still, we petted dolphins, chased giant seagulls as they stole a bag of Sour Patch Kids from inside Dayna's purse, and ate fresh Swordfish tacos in gorgeous Coronado Island.

On our drive home, we detoured in less-luxurious Nowhere, California. That's where our tire exploded at 80 mph in the windiest place on the planet, and then it took over three hours for the masterminds at Walmart to change a tire in a deserted store on a Sunday.

Summer brought some variety for Dayna. She was lucky enough to get a nice minimum wage job that involved daily drama and attempted stabbings. This was very helpful in letting Dayna know that when she said “I hate six year olds” what she was really saying to her teacher’s aid job was “I love you.”

Later in the summer we took the long drive north to beautiful Echo Lake, Montana, where my Ady Grandparents graciously let us visit each year. I felt like this year, the trip really showed us that money truly doesn't buy happiness. Just kidding, of course it does. Money buys a wave runner, and so far that's as happy as any human has ever been without having to repent later. Wave runners are seriously awesome, although they unfortunately get approximately 35 feet to the gallon. We love money!

Since then we've basically just been working. We're both super excited to see what we get for Christmas, because when Jesus said “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” we take that literally, and spend all of our money on material stuff so that we don't risk becoming rich sinners.

We've really had a good year. We're grateful for everyone who helped make that happen, and also grateful for those too far away to do any real damage. Seriously though, if you're reading this it means that you're someone special in our lives. Either that or your reading someone else's emails, and all the way to the end, in which case you could use the pick-me-up, so we love you too.

Merry Christmas Everyone!