Saturday, September 20, 2008

Work Party Stuff

For Jacks summer work party Nuskin decided to rent Lagoon for the evening and give all their employees free tickets. I'm still trying to calculate exactly how much they had to spend to do so and I'm pretty sure it's more than I'll make this year. Sucky. Anyway, after a short stop in Salt Lake to drop off one of Sam's co-workers (wow... I'm not even going to start telling you how weird that guy is) the four of us (Jack, Dayna, Sam and Tiffany) headed to Lagoon for an evening of fun. I was loving the fact that there were no lines on most of the rides. I think that's how Lagoon should be done! The weather was perfect and yes the Wicked is still as awsome as Jack remembers. I know some of these pictures are blury- my camera was freaking out cuz it was dark, but they were still so cute that I had to post them.

Mopping Stuff

The other night Jack and I spent hours cleaning our house. Actually I should rephrase. Jack cleaned most of the house while I took pictures so I could blog about what a great guy he is. I hope you all have one of these.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Husband Stuff

I have the cutest husband in the ENTIRE world. He is such a sweet heart and I love him so much. A couple weeks ago Jack had to work the Saturday shift and so I went shopping with my mom. I came home to a handsome hubby, roses, a necklace and a card that read "Happy Saturday"- for no reason at all. What a sweet heart. He does sweet things like this all the time. Which is one of the reasons I love him so much- here's a couple more....

1- He works hard at a job he doesn't enjoy
2- He lets me eat pizza
3- He takes out the garbage
4- He lets me vent about the same things over and over
5-He loves to get all dressed up and take me on special dates
Thanks babe for being the best... hubby... in the worrrrld. (He'll get the joke)

Mario Stuff

Any of you who own a Wii know how hard it is to find Mario Kart. Luckily Jack and I happened upon it a few weeks ago and have loved it! I would also like to inform everyone that I got 2nd in every race we played yesterday. Which is a huge feat for me! I totally suck at games that require coordination. I can dance on my feet but once I have to sit still and steer a wheel I'm all over the place. None of that matters though because I have a PINK wheel!

Decorative Stuff

If any of you guys have seen Anchorman you will totally understand why Jack thought it would be okay to laugh at me when I sat in my living room and randomly said "I love lamp" (granted I did inject "MY" into that sentence so I didn't sound so uneducated). For those of you who haven't seen Anchorman I don't recommend it at all- it was lame- so just sit there and stay confused as to why that is funny.

Last Saturday Jack had to work and I had 3 whole hours to myself. I started off going pants shopping at the mall. Unfortunately that sucked- shocker I know. I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything I tried on. Mainly because I just looked "too sexy" and that's just not fair to the rest of the population. So off to my next stop I go... Now for those of you who haven't been to my house in a couple weeks I have 2 fish sitting on a shelf in my living room. Unfortunately I have become bored of them and so I'm not changing their water in hopes that they die. If I neglect them then it's not really murder... it's just an accident but if I flush them while they are still alive that's practically MAN SLAUGHTER. I'm pretty sure they are dead- at least they haven't moved in a couple days. But I can't get rid of their bodies because they are being used as decorations right now and I have nothing to replace them with. So if anyone comes to visit in the next little while just ignore the floating fish.

I tell you that story to tell you this. My next stop was the DI- All I needed was a small, black, decorative device to replace the fish. I'm not picky. Unfortunately the DI had nothing. (don't you love that I told you that entire fish killing story just to say the DI had nothing to replace them with... that's how awesome I am)

So after failing at Pants and Dead Fish Replacement Device I ran off to my last hope for spending money- Wal-Mart. Now here's my plug for the day. If you find yourself in the Provo area and really need a wal-mart, go to Lindon. It's amazing and never busy and did I mention amazing. So I'm wandering around Wal-Mart picking out car air freshener (peachy peach) and I just happen upon the lamp isle. Jack never lets me wander down random isles just for the sake of looking so I took full advantage of this opportunity. And what would you know- in the dead center of this isle there was a box. Not just any box. A box with a LAMP in it. And placed upon this box was a red sticker. A red sticker that read "Dear Dayna, Because you spent all day trying on pants that looked "too sexy on you" and because you refuse to man-slaughter the Tryon's fish I bestow this lamp upon you for your purchasing pleasure. Sincerely Yours, (inject name here... because honestly who cares who it's from when there is such a sweet note as that) Actually the red sticker read $13 which I interpreted to say all that stuff. But for $13 dollars I got this killer sweet floor lamp that looks amazing in the corner of my living room.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff I Noticed

Things I've Noticed Today

1- Weird people are weird
I find that the vast majority of people I come in contact with are either normal or weird. There's not much of an in between. The weird ones are super weird. Like my co-worker. We'll call him "Ty" mainly because that's his name. He's so weird. And I keep thinking I'm imagining how weird he is until he comes back to my office to tell me how he used to go to a deli and get a sandwich. Yep. That was the ENTIRE story.

2- People are observant
People are more observant than I give them credit for. I should remember this in the mornings when I think it's a good idea to wear a black t-shirt with a 3 inch hole over the side of my boob because my bra is black and "no one will notice".

3- I could never be a Doctor
A gentleman came into our shop today to get his scooter and he had just recently had stitches put in all over the side of his nose. It looked like his nose had fallen off his face and they were trying to get it to stick back on. It was all pussy and red and I almost threw up just looking at it. Oh yuck I'm gonna barf.

4- McCain was not a bad looking young man
I saw a picture of John McCain when he was younger and he wasn't gross. Which surprised me because he's absolutely disgusting now. But Obama is an adorable middle aged man... and I trust that more.

5- There is nothing cuter than chubby girls in pigtails
I think little girls with chubby cheeks and pigtails is the cutest thing in the world. Especially when they are waddling around my office with their stubby legs and giggling. Is it possible to give birth to something like that? Instant chubby-pig-tailed cuties.

7- It's hard to get rid of your perfect pants
I have a pair of pants that has an enormous hole in the crotch and they are held together by a safety pin but I can't bring myself to get rid of them because they fit so perfectly. So I wear them constantly and pray that no one notices they are falling apart.
8- I can and should pick my car by color
I have recently been made fun of by numerous people including a husband and co-workers because I want to pick out my car by color instead of amenities or engine type. After giving this quite a bit of consideration I have come to the conclusion that I am right. Why shouldn't we pick things in our life because they are pretty or make us happy.

9- I should live more in the moment
I should stop living in the past or trying to live in the future and live exactly where I'm at. I should be happy being a young married woman working while her husband is going to school. We should eat Macaroni and Cheese more. We should hold hands more often. We should be more random. I should take more pictures.
Okay so I only noticed 9 things today. I'll try and be more observant tomorrow.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Outdoorsy Stuff

This weekend we thought we would spend a little quality time outside. We're totally loving the cooler nights and the smell of fall in the air (okay really we're mostly just loving fall television- face it, summer shows are crap!) So, Saturday night we headed up to Bridal Veil Falls for a picnic with Sam and Tiffany. Our friendship with the Tryons started out that way, so we figured it couldn't hurt if we want this friendship to be lasting as well. It was tons of fun and the only complaint we had were the wasps that fell in love with our KFC. My Camera was freaking out so I didn't get many photos. Jack tested out the water under the falls and claimed it was cold. Or so he says.... Sam wanted this wicked cool picture of him walking on water (don't tell him you can see the rock he's standing on). It was fun though. Good times. THEN Sunday after church for some reason we thought it would be fun to go up to the Timpanogas Caves. We won't mention whose idea it was (Tiffany). Holy crapper! I've learned to totally trust Tiffany when she says it's a 45 degree angle the ENTIRE way and that we hike to the very tip. Wow. I'm not going to lie, I totally need to get in shape again because it was brutal. Luckily we had Jack and Sam with us and they either pushed or pulled us up a good portion of the hike. We did make it though. And we were SO glad we did. It was so cool and you have no idea how proud we were that we made it to the top. It's an incredibly hard hike so don't judge. We seriously had so much fun though. We met an older couple from British Columbia and the Canadian blood made instant friends out of the group. They shared their water and helped us along. They were so adorable. Also, the caves were amazing. I don't know what I was expecting but they were really cool. We took lots of pics and even signed the guest book. So there is proof to everyone that we actually did it. You just have to hike to the top to see. We're exhausted but Tiffany has proven herself worthy of giving ideas. Thanks for a super fun afternoon guys!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Stuff

Labor Day is by far my favorite holiday celebrated in September. Who could ask for more than a day off from work to celebrate the fact that you work. Brilliant I tell you! So for this particular holiday we decided to head back to Roosevelt to spend the day with Jack's family. They rented some rafts and the ENTIRE family went rafting down Flaming Gorge. It was the first time the entire family had been together since Sam and Tiffany were married back in April. We had so much fun. We started the day early and crammed 5 people into our Nissan Sentra... yes it does seat 5 but it shouldn't! We actually had to rock our bodies back and forth to give the car momentum up the mountains. (Reason #37 why we want a new car) It was fun though. And once we got there we all split up in the 2 rafts. All the married children ended up in one so it gave us a chance to chat. Tiffany and I had by far the hardest job... have you ever tried to look pretty and not get wet while on raft. Difficult. We stopped for lunch on a huge rock. It was delicious and I have randomly been craving turkey sandwiches and hickory bbq chips now. It took us quite a few hours to get down the river and surprisingly enough there weren't really any water fights. The water was freezing though so I don't think anyone wanted to get wet. We were all exhausted on our way home. We got back to the Ady's house and Jack crashed. (as in fell asleep... not wrecked the car) Poor kid. Then we all sat around and ate pizza and talked for a while. It was fun to see everyone and spend the day together.