Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Party Stuff

You all know that Jack and I are super fun people, so of course we would have a super fun birthday party. I wanted it to be a surprise but Jack is AWFUL at surprises. (like when me and Todd and Dana tried to surprise him with birthday lunch at Rodizio and he got super mad cuz I wouldn't let him drive so he decided he wasn't going on our "drive" and went back and pouted at the apartment.... yeah) Anyway, I gave up on the surprise and together we planned the perfect party.... for a seven year old.

We started with dinner at the Training Table. They have amazing cheese fries and you get to order over a telephone. Which is obviously super cool. Todd and Dana, Sam and Tiffany, Adam and Angeline and Higgs and Meri all came out to party hardy with us. We enjoyed greasy food and good conversation. Which is lame-o! Who wants conversation at a birthday party- we're not geezers yet. So then we ran home and ate cake and ice cream while watching an episode of House. Way more "hip" don't ya think?

After all the food we headed up to Sandy to the Classic Fun Center. Jack could not have been happier. We spent an hour in "bouncing fun" and then played lazer tag and went rollerskating. I'm awful at roller skating. Enough said. But having all 10 of us running around like little kids was SO much fun. Seriously it was awsome. We'll probably do it again next year. Cuz we're super fun like that.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Birthday Stuff

We have a birthday in our house today! My sweet hubby just turned 25! And doesn't he look SO good for his age? Birthdays are super fun at our house. Mainly cuz we're super fun people. I planned this oober sweet party with some friends. It's totally the party you ALWAYS wanted when you were like 7. It's gonna be so great! (I'll post pics)

Jack's my favorite person in the entire world. He knows I love him for so many reasons. So I'll say DITTO to my mom's words and share some of my favorite memories with him.

-A couple years ago we took a road trip to Canada. One of the funnest vacation ever. Anyway, at one point in the road trip we were driving through Idaho or Montana- some baren patch of land- listening to Brian Reagan. It was after 2am, we were exhausted, we hadn't eaten anything but licorice and peanut m&m's for hours and there we were, holding hands and laughing our butts off. It was one of those moments when I stepped back and said, "Wow, I really love this guy".

-When Jack and I were dating we spent most of our "dates" at one of our houses. We watched some incredibly awful movies. Did a bunch of smooching. And talked a lot. One of my favorite memories of us dating was dancing in his parents front room. Jack is really into music and would always play me CD's and we'd dance. He'd sing me songs while we danced and I always thought it was so romantic. I always wanted to marry a romantic guy. Moments like that made me realize, "Wow, I really love this guy".

-Jack is SO talanted when it comes to the guitar. He can sit down and play a song without even looking at the chords. He just kind of figures it out in his head. It's crazy. I love listening to him play. Sometimes he'll sing me to sleep. He'll bring his guitar in and just play till I fall asleep. Moments like that make me think "Wow, I really love this guy".

-Jack is SO helpful when it comes to "womans" work. He vacuumes, does laundry, mops, washes dishes, scrubs bathtubs, dusts, cooks, EVERYTHING. I feel like we're really a team. If I ask him to do something he just does it. Most days the house is spotless when I get home from work. And if people are coming over and I don't have time to pick up I know he's gonna pick up my slack. It's great. When I see him on his hands and knees scrubbing our bathtub, or mopping our kitchen floor while I watch, or making me sit on the couch while he cooks dinner... those are moments when I know "Wow, I really love this guy"

-For our very first Valentines Day Jack bought candles, wine glasses, and a table cloth. He blindfolded me and drove me around Ephraim till we ended up at our destination. He led me into McDonalds where he had set up a table in the back corner. It was SO adorable. People mocked him when he told the story later, but it was seriously so cute. It was perfect. We ate dinner by candlelight and then went home and cuddled on the couch and watched Ghost. The fact that he went to all that work to make valentines special for me reminds me that "Wow, I really love this guy".

Happy Birthday Jack .

Just so you know, I really love you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sick Stuff

Isn't life just so hard? Today was one of those days for me. While I was washing my hair I had an epiphany- I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. And I REALLY didn't want to go to work. So I called in sick to life today. (technically Jack called in sick for me.....) I was so giddy I could hardly stand it. I washed all the dishes that had been sitting in my sink since sunday, I did 4 loads of laundry- washed, dried AND put away. I ran errands and went to lunch with my fabulous husband, I finished shopping for Jack's birthday presents, bought cake and ice cream for Jack's party, now I'm watching American Idol and wishing I never had to work again.

I was surprised at all the things I was missing while I slave my life away at work.

Like when I was at Wal-mart I happened to get in line behind this super cute couple. Not gorgeous by any means but cute. You know the type. Anyway, not even kidding- their entire purchase consisted of Lean Cuisine, 100 calorie cracker packs, sugar free ice cream, Rice Cakes, etc. Then I started thinking... what if this guy is emotional abusive. And he told her she was fat. And that she HAD to eat Lean Cuisine, and SUGAR FREE ICE CREAM- like does he not know that stuff has ASPERTINE! What a Jerk.

I also went to Ross today. I saw a cute little girl who totally reminded me of THIS girl. On average I get to see this comercial like once a night. BUT if I stay home all day with the TV on I get to see it like TWICE. Reason eneough to quit my job.

Also I realized today that the world is good. Yes world, you have redeemed yourself. You kept Danny in the top 12 and sent Tahtiana home. And did you see how weird Tahtiana is? I mean seriously.

And there you have it. Now I must convince myself that I can't be sick again tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rachel Stuff

In the last month we've spent over $500 on a car we hated. We finally decided it was time to trade in for something that would actually work. This is how Rachel came to be.

Luckily I am amazing and work at a car dealership. So Friday afternoon Jack came down and test drove some cars and fell in love with this Hyundai Elantra. 3 hours later we walked away the proud owners of a new car!

She is beautiful and fits into our family so well. She's a Charcoal Gray 2007 Hyundai Elantra. She has 31,000 miles on her and 29,000 more miles of warranty (my favorite part). Because I work at the dealership we were able to get her at wholesale price- so our monthly payments stayed the same.

I heart my new car one ton!

Valentines Stuff

So this year was the first Valentines Jack and I had spent together since 2006. Sad huh? Usually my parents are off spending money on some exotic island and I'm taking care of the kids. Gotta love being the oldest child eh?

But this year Jack and I got to spend it together. I told him I didn't want to deal with the crowds and the endless hours of waiting at restaurants. So we had a nice dinner for two at home. We ordered our favorite Orange Chicken from China Garden in Provo (totally recommend it- SO amazing) and we ate in our living room.

Jack was a sweetheart and bought me chocolate, flowers and an awesome Spanish balloon. We watched some All Star Basketball action and the movie Serendipity. It was practically perfect.

I love you baby! Here's to us, spending infinity valentines days together. Cheers!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cameron Stuff

15 year ago my brought Cameron home from the hospital. I was at the stage where I was old enough to know what was going on and therefore having a baby around was a little funner. I love this guy SO much. I am so lucky to have him in my life! Here's a couple reasons why I love Cameron so much.

~Happy 15th Birthday Cameron~

1- He is SO sweet. Seriously the most tender hearted person I've ever met. He's always in tune to people's feelings and does whatever he can to make you feel better.

2- He's such a gentlemen. One of my favorite memories with Cameron was when he took me on a "date" (I can't remember if it was right before college or right before my wedding) Anyway, we went over to Roosevelt to go to dinner and a movie because I wanted to spend time with him before I moved away. We went to Taco Time and I ordered my food and Cameron insisted on paying for it (remember he was like 11 or 12 at the time). It was so sweet. I felt so spoiled. I remember thinking how proud I was to be out with him. He's gonna make some girl incredibly happy some day.

3- He's so easy to talk to. Even though he's 8 years younger than me I feel like we can sit and talk like regular adults. He is genuinly interested in what I have to say and the things that are going on in my life. He's incredibly mature for his age and I just love being able to talk to him .

4- He's so much fun. He's always up for some random activity. Whether it be floating the river at night (my mom never actually let us do it but he was TOTALLY game for it). Or just chilling at home. He's always fun to be around. Jack and I took him to a Jazz game for Christmas last year and we had SO much fun. He's always making us laugh and teasing us. He's just one of those guys you want to be with.

5- He lives his life the way he chooses, he doesn't let others influence his decisions. He's the only Wilkerson boy who wasn't a basketball player. He decided he wanted to wrestle and play football instead so he put all of his energy into being the best he could be. I'm so proud of him that he could step out of his brothers shadow and succeed with the gifts God gave him.

I love Cameron SO much. I'm so lucky to have him as not only a brother but also a friend. I love you bud! Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Kimberly Stuff

17 years ago my mom finally gave birth to a little girl. After dealing with 2 brothers I'm sure I was ecstatic to have a little sister (I don't really remember though- I was 6.) I love this girl like a sister (which is convenient) and I'm so lucky to have her in my life! Here's a few things I love about this girl.

~Happy 17th Birthday Kimberly~

1- She makes me laugh all the time. She has this stupid little voice that she sings in. One time she was sitting at the computer oblivious to the world and she starts singing "Jesus said love everyone, he gave his love to (pause) just about everyone". Only those of you who have heard this voice can truly appreciate the funny-ness of this.

2- She is so independent. I really admire that about her. She's the relay for life chairman for her area and flew to Phoenix for a week convention all by herself. She didn't know one person there till she went and she was perfectly fine with that. I could never do that. I'm too shy. But she is so confident when it comes to things like that.

3- She makes me feel important. When I go home to visit she cancels plans with her friends so she can hang out with me.

4- She's so smart! She scored a 26 on her first attempt at the ACT (so did I- those Wilkerson girls are smart!). She's planning on applying to Penn State and wants to be a Pediatric Oncologist when she's older. How awesome is that?

5- She truly is one of my best friends. We have so much fun when we are together. We can talk about anything and I know no matter what she's always on my side. We can fight and argue and I still know she loves me.

Thanks for being born Kimberly and for being the bratty 6 year old that shared my room and left scars on my body from scratching me so hard/often and making me listen to your constant screaming and always getting your way because you knew just how to manipulate Dad into giving you everything you wanted. Thanks for being that girl so I could appreciate the great girl that you are today! I love ya!