Monday, July 18, 2011

Outside Stuff

When we moved in the yard/outside was the worst on the block. Granted it was just barely spring and the previous owners hadn't had the time/desire to do anything with the yard so we got stuck with it. Our culdesac has EMACULATE yards. Lots of trees, flowers and perfect grass. Unforuntately I am not a gardner. We settled for a few flowers in the front and wood chips in the rest of the flower gardens. It will do for now. We'll get around to landscaping next year.

I really wanted to paint my front door. Initially I wanted to paint it black. I love black and I would still have loved it that color but everyone I asked said RED. I faintly remember telling my friend that I would NEVER have a red door. I hated it. And that's what I ended up with. I absolutely love it. It's the pop of color the house needed and I couldn't be happier.


Kristin said...

You definitely needed to paint the door and it looks great! Next year plant daisies (you can get some starts from my mom). They grow every year and just spread all over the place. They'll take over everything if you let them and they're always cheerful and pretty. Best of all, they're easy!

Cheree said... you hire out...when we finally get a place, I'm going to need your help with decorating...sheesh, are super talented. BTW, I love your red door ;-).