Monday, July 18, 2011

Disneyland Stuff

Every spring Jack and I try to go on a vacation. Since I work for the school district it works out perfectly over spring break. This year we decided to go to Disneyland. Jack had been once as a kid but got sick and was only able to go on a few rides. It broke my heart that this 27 year old man had never enjoyed Disneyland before! We bought 3 day hopper passes and off we went.

The first ride we went on was Indiana Jones. This is one of the rides Jack had never been on and he said as a kid he was so jealous when his brothers got back and told him all about it. It was a must. We waited in line (we hadn't discovered fast pass tickets yet) for what seemed like hours, but it was so worth the wait. I think it was more fun for me just being with someone who was that excited.

They had a Tron section in California Adventure. We had to stop and capture this picture. haha it turned out perfect.

I told Jack at the beginning of our trip that we had to get a picture with a character. He was less than enthusiastic. On our last evening there I realized I had no character pictures so we hunted around the park and Pluto was the only one we found. Not the best pic but I got what I went there for.

We planned on getting up early one morning to get in before the park opened, unfortunately the fire alarm at our hotel went off in the middle of the night. We ended up sleeping in. We did show up right when it opened one morning and waited in line with the rest of the crazy people. We got on a lot of the kiddie rides that morning though (the lines for those rides are CRAZY!).

No Disneyland trip would be complete without the Mickey head picture. This vacation was absolutely perfect. We always have so much fun together.


Megan said...

Jealous! :) I want to go to Disneyland. It's been fun reading your blog again!

Anonymous said...

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have fun u two :D