Friday, July 15, 2011

Anne Stuff

I think the thing that excited us the most about buying a home is that we would be able to have a dog. We've talked about the kind of puppy we wanted and we had spent a lot of Saturdays at pet stores. We agreed on a Pomeranian. They are adorable puppies and they are tiny dogs. Exactly what we wanted. Before we found out we got out house we had planned a trip to Disneyland. We were scheduled to leave 2 weeks after we moved into our house. We decided we would wait until after Disneyland before we bought a puppy. Unfortunately I am the least patient person in the world. When I have an idea in my mind I want it NOW. The puppy was no exception. A few days before we moved into the house I found an ad on KSL for Pomeranian/Yorkie puppies and sent the link to Jack. He fell in love and told me if they still had them after he got off work we would at least go look at them. I called the lady and we planned to meet at the Walmart parking lot to check them out. She said she had 1 little girl left we could look at.

On the way to see the puppy Jack and I decided to come up with a signal. If we loved the puppy we would scratch the right side of our face. If we didn't we would scratch the left side. That way we would know what the other was thinking without discussing it in front of the previous owners.

Unfortunately as soon as I stepped out of the car and saw this little girl bundled up in her pink blanket, I completely forgot all about the signal and turned to Jack and said we HAVE to have her. She was absolutely perfect. 5 minutes later we were a new family of 3.

We named her Anne. She gets her name from the Arrested Development character Anne (we have an arrangement with friends that all of our pets will have Arrested Development names). We immediately took her to meet her cousin Lucky at Sam and Tiffany's. Everyone loved her. She spent her first night at the apartment with us and we couldn't get enough. Everyone who came to help us move had to play with this little fluff ball. She LOVES people and attention.

I realize she's not the tiny puppy she was when we got her, so I'll give a few stats on her current development. Anne just turned 5 months on July 2nd.

She loves: watermelon, new people, kids, belly rubs, playing fetch, empty toilet paper rolls, car rides, going on runs with Dad and sitting under the lawn furniture just chilling with mom.

She hates: getting her nails clipped, baths, being ignored and grapes.

She's a very happy girl. She never barks and is so much fun to have around. I don't know what we would do without her.


Savannah said...

She's a cutie! I'm glad she was able to join your family.

Caralee said...

So sweet! What a great family of 3!!

Heather said...

She is so adorable... Dalyn is sitting by me saying momma thats our puppy huh thats our puppy... he loves her!!! :)

Kristin said...

Love the picture with the little bow and the wet one in the tub. So cute! You can always say Anne is after Baylie's middle name :).