Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas Stuff

I feel like I've abandoned my blog. In all honesty I still think about it.... and we never officialy "broke up" so technically I suppose I can come back to it whenever I want. It's like a needy girlfriend. It lets me ignore it and treat it horribly but it's still there when I need her. =) My one reader will be happy I started blogging again. (shout out to you Kristin) I started to forget what I had done this year so I figured I better get back to journaling our journeys.

So lets go back to the main events that have happened since I took my break. Christmas 2010!

We heart Christmas at the Ady household. Jack informed me the other day that Echo Lake and Christmas are the best parts of the year and it was our job to over do them as much as possible. We're not cool though so overdoing Christmas just means we make gingerbread houses and eat food alone. yay!


Savannah said...

I've heard of Christmas in July. You are behind on your blogging. :p

Poly's said...

The rolls look burnt and I absolutely heart that! <3

PS- This says "Polys" but its actually Elicea. I need to fix that. I'm lame.

Kristin said...

Yay for homemade jammies! I try to do that every year. (Are they homemade, or just matching??)