Monday, July 18, 2011

Kitchen Stuff

I had spent SO much time thinking about decorating my house. Long before we ever signed the paperwork I had plans. Big plans. So the minute we walked through our front doors I started the decorating. EVERY wall in my house got a fresh coat of paint and some major upgrades.

We started in the kitchen. The walls were a VERY DIRTY white with pink blinds on all the windows and pink counter tops. I love pink but this kitchen made me sad.

We painted one wall chocolate brown and repainted the doors white. The 2 remaining walls we installed a chair rail and painted the upper section cream and the bottom we painted the same chocolate brown. We accented with reds and whites. LOVE this room!

We painted the backsplash in the kitchen and above the counters the same cream color. We plan on redoing the kitchen with granite countertops soon but I couldn't live with pink countertops. I picked up a laminate paint from Home Depot and turned the counters into a tan. It will do for now.

I love my kitchen. It turned out exactly the way I wanted.


Savannah said...

I wish I could decorate so cute. And it took me weeks to paint just one room. I'd love to paint more rooms, but I have learned I HATE painting. Each room turned out super cute.

Kristin said...

I wouldn't have even been able to envision the things you've come up with. Do you watch all the home redecorating shows, or are you just a natural?