Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zoo stuff

This weekend Jack and I wanted to get out and do something fun. Jack came up with the zoo idea. We packed a picnic lunch and headed to Salt Lake early in the morning so we could avoid the crowds. The weather was supposed to be nice (57ish... which is nice compared to what we've been getting) so I dawned shorts and flip flops, forgetting the zoo is practically in the mountains. There was still snow on the ground and everyone kept looking at me like I was nuts. It wasn't too cold though- I was fine. 

We had SO much fun. I hadn't been to the zoo since before I was married and Jac
k had never been to the Hogle Zoo so it was a first for us in our marriage. We got there at the perfect time. There was hardly anyone there. I love being able to watch the monkeys in
 the monkey house without any little kids screaming and crowding the windows. So great! 

Jack loves monkeys so we spent a lot of time with them. If anyone want's to gift us a monkey we are totally okay with that. 

After the zoo we went downtown and had a picnic lunch at a park. Knowing that nothing was waiting for us at home we decided to spend the rest of the day in salt lake. We walked around a couple stores and then we went to a Nickle Arcade. It's so much fun to get to be a kid for a day. Jack and I rock at Dance Dance Revolution! And I even gave Jack a run for his money at Street Fighter 2. (sheer luck, but still) 

Our friend Higgs treated us to dinner at Rodizio Grill. Thanks Higgs! Such delicious food. Eventually we had to go home, but all in all it was such a great day. I need more weekends like that! 


julie said...

I want to go to the Zoo! You guys are brave to go when its still a little chilly. I think I will wait until the sun actually shines up in the mountains to melt the snow! sounds like it was a really nice weekend for you guys, I am so glad that you got to go!

Trent and Melanie said...

I think that we are going to go for Mother's Day weekend. We did last year and LOVED it. And I loved seeing Andrew's face. Now Meg and Ben have Olivia, so I hope we get to go! I have been looking forward to it for a month! Glad you guys had fun!!!

Megan said...

You hair is so cute! I am so jealous. I always want to pull off your hair cuts, in fact I even took a picture of you to the salon that I stole off myspace (haha, hope you don't mind) and she basically told me there is no way I would pull it off. Haha. Gotta love honesty!

John and Sommer Weight Family said...

Looks like you guy have a ton of fun! I have a couple monkeys you can borrow j/k

Dana Kay Wilkerson said...

wow! looks like fun! I LOVE THE ZOO!!! I'm gonna make todd take me again this year. but in the summer of course not in the freezing cold!!! lol I'm glad you guys had fun! :)

Eric and Caralee said...

ohh, that makes me want to go to the zoo! And I am terribly jealous that you went to
Rodizio's...that just makes me hungry! Let's go there together next summer!

Kristin said...

So fun! I want to go to the aquarium one day, so maybe we can go together.

Just FYI - one of my friends is the operations manager of Rodizio and I do some contract work for them on the side.