Sunday, March 22, 2009

BBQing Stuff

Last Christmas my mom gave us a Charcoal BBQer. Jack LOVES to BBQ so this was the perfect present. Unfortunately we live in Utah and they frown on balancing your flaming fire BBQ on top of 2 feet of snow. For his birthday all Jack asked for was BBQ stuff. So he got some tongs, spatulla, platter and a meat tenderizer. He's been waiting so patiently for the snow to melt so we could try out all our sweet stuff. This weekend was the perfect opportunity. It was 68 degrees and beautiful.

We bought New York steaks at REAMS for a killer price and Jack treated them like his little babies. He seasoned them to perfection and delicatley tenderized them to perfection. They were SO good. Like beyond amazing. I threw in some potatoe skins and macaroni salad and we had ourselves a BBQ.


julie said...

So MUCH fun!!!! Jack, you can come and BBQ for us anytime you want to, BUT you will have to bring all your own tools, as we aren't up on the whole BBQing technique yet. Those Steaks looked wonderful, and I don't even like steak, so that says alot!

Kristin said...

Hello! Invite us over! If you guys have a place for a propane grill, we have an old one in our storage shed you're welcome to use. We don't have anywhere to put it at our place.