Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Taylor Stuff

I'm not afraid to admit that I love Taylor Swift. She can totally sing my sorrows away. I listen to her in my car, at work, at home. I think she's adorable. It wasn't until today that I figured out WHY I love her so much. She totally gets me. Her lyrics are super deep for someone her age and they totally apply to my life. Need examples?

In "Fifteen" she says.... 'In your life you'll do greater than dating the boy on the football team, but I didn't know it at fifteen'. I feel like I had such a surreal High School experience. I felt like I was on top of the world and everything seemed to be going my way. Then I graduated and real life set in. People outside of Duchesne didn't know my name or all that I had accomplished in High School. I freaked out. I turned super shy and lost my self confidence. It wasn't until recently that it really set in that I was awesome in High School- but I am awesome now. When I'm old it's going to be super cool that I won State Drill Team but that's not what defines me. Life doesn't end at High School graduation. It truly begins. In my life I'll do greater than....

In "Best Day" she says.... 'I'm thirteen now and I don't know how my friends could be so mean, I come home crying and You hold me tight....' I'm 23 and I still don't know how people can be so mean. Sadly we don't all hit a magical age where we grow up and treat everyone with respect. Some people who were snotty 18 year olds are still snotty 45 year olds. I feel so lucky to have my family through it all. My mom and sisters are my best friends. When I have to deal with life's drama I know they are on my team. There are still days I come home crying. I still need my mom and I'm so lucky to have the greatest mom in the world. Love you!

In "You're not Sorry" she says.... "You don't have to call anymore I won't pick up the phone. This is the last straw, don't want to hurt anymore" I know this is technically about a boy- but I think it totally applies to my life. I know I have those people who are constantly bringing me down. I'm just realizing that I get to choose the people I surround myself with. I'm not going to beg and plead for you to treat me right. I don't need you around if you're going to bring drama and stress me out. It feels so great when I can be in control and stand up for myself.

So there you have it. I love Taylor Swift. Her and I are tight. Now you know why.


Kristin said...

I've never really listed to her. I'll have to pay attention.

1- I think I was popular in H.S., but it took me until I was in my 30's to realize that I really like myself, take it or leave it.

2 - My mom and sister are my best friends too.

3 - Mean people suck. I think it's wise to cut them off. Life is too short for negativity.

julie said...

Thanks for the compliment! I love you so much too and glad that we are best friends.
I haven't really listened to Taylor Swift much, but I can see where her songs really apply to life itself.
You are very wise!

Tammy said...

I’m going to have to take a listen :).. good post!