Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Stuff

Labor Day is by far my favorite holiday celebrated in September. Who could ask for more than a day off from work to celebrate the fact that you work. Brilliant I tell you! So for this particular holiday we decided to head back to Roosevelt to spend the day with Jack's family. They rented some rafts and the ENTIRE family went rafting down Flaming Gorge. It was the first time the entire family had been together since Sam and Tiffany were married back in April. We had so much fun. We started the day early and crammed 5 people into our Nissan Sentra... yes it does seat 5 but it shouldn't! We actually had to rock our bodies back and forth to give the car momentum up the mountains. (Reason #37 why we want a new car) It was fun though. And once we got there we all split up in the 2 rafts. All the married children ended up in one so it gave us a chance to chat. Tiffany and I had by far the hardest job... have you ever tried to look pretty and not get wet while on raft. Difficult. We stopped for lunch on a huge rock. It was delicious and I have randomly been craving turkey sandwiches and hickory bbq chips now. It took us quite a few hours to get down the river and surprisingly enough there weren't really any water fights. The water was freezing though so I don't think anyone wanted to get wet. We were all exhausted on our way home. We got back to the Ady's house and Jack crashed. (as in fell asleep... not wrecked the car) Poor kid. Then we all sat around and ate pizza and talked for a while. It was fun to see everyone and spend the day together.


Tammy said...

Hi there Dayna,
I’m so that you messaged me! Your Blog is great… SURE THING I’ll give you any tips that I can. I have to admit I had looked at yours when your mom put it and Suelyn’s links on hers. I didn’t want to just invite myself to your blog, so I’m glad you did . Would it be easier to email or call to tell you?... Here is my “Blog email” Email me on which way would be easier and we can do it that way rather than through comments, it might be easier. Isn’t it a great thing to bring family closer and get to know one another, for those that haven’t seen each other for so long. Heck we both live in Orem…LOL… Let me know okay.

suelyn w said...

I can't imagine that it was too hard to look pretty Dayna, doesn't that just come natural to you!! We've been talking about doing the Green all summer so I'm glad that someone is actually going out and doing instead of just talking!

Eric and Caralee said...

I LOVE rafting! I've never done Flaming Gorge though, just Jackson Hole. Your post really made me want to go! By the way, you don't even need to try to look pretty you gorgeous!