Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wedding Stuff

After 3 long years I finally have a sibling that has joined me in the ranks of married children. Now everyone can pester Todd and Dana about having kids and ignore me completely! YES! I took a half day off work on Friday (which I'm not gonna lie to you, was the best part of the whole weekend) and we headed home for a weekend of wedding bliss. Everything went off without a hitch (who the crap invented that saying?). The ceremony was short and sweet and Todd and Dana looked great. Dana and her family did a great job with decorations and everything looked gorgeous. I got to catch up with all the family I never get to see and spent the day fighting with Kimberly over who got to hold Caleb. (our baby cousin) Good times.

We got to spend the night schmoozing with people we didn't know while we stood in line. Fun. I forget how different a wedding is when you're not the one it's about. We did have fun though. We danced and ate cheesecake and decorated the Bride and Grooms car. Did all fun stuff that the Groom's family is in charge of. Which luckily eneough isn't very much. We're super happy to have a new sister in law though and we can't wait for them to get back from their honey moon so we can all hang out. Here's some fun pictures of the event.


Joe and Angela said...

Hey, Dayna! You're totally right--it has been years. Funny how time flies! It'll be good to keep in touch via the information super-highway as that's not really something I'm good at otherwise :) Gotta love technology!

Trent and Melanie said...

They both looks sooo good! I'm glad that it is finally over for them and they don't have to wait anymore. That is a great picture with you and your mom! I posted a new blog if you want to read what's new with me... I love ya tons!!!

suelyn w said...

Cute blog! Just so you know even when you do get a kid, it's always "when ya gonna have another one?" It's never enough! Let's be honest, was the wedding line thing even fun at your own wedding? I'm sure decoring the car made the hurt feet all worth it.