Saturday, September 20, 2008

Work Party Stuff

For Jacks summer work party Nuskin decided to rent Lagoon for the evening and give all their employees free tickets. I'm still trying to calculate exactly how much they had to spend to do so and I'm pretty sure it's more than I'll make this year. Sucky. Anyway, after a short stop in Salt Lake to drop off one of Sam's co-workers (wow... I'm not even going to start telling you how weird that guy is) the four of us (Jack, Dayna, Sam and Tiffany) headed to Lagoon for an evening of fun. I was loving the fact that there were no lines on most of the rides. I think that's how Lagoon should be done! The weather was perfect and yes the Wicked is still as awsome as Jack remembers. I know some of these pictures are blury- my camera was freaking out cuz it was dark, but they were still so cute that I had to post them.


julie said...

It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. That is so neat that you guys could take Sam and Tiffany with you. They sound like they are so much fun to go places with. I envy the short lines. When we went we spent most of our time...standing in line!!