Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff I Noticed

Things I've Noticed Today

1- Weird people are weird
I find that the vast majority of people I come in contact with are either normal or weird. There's not much of an in between. The weird ones are super weird. Like my co-worker. We'll call him "Ty" mainly because that's his name. He's so weird. And I keep thinking I'm imagining how weird he is until he comes back to my office to tell me how he used to go to a deli and get a sandwich. Yep. That was the ENTIRE story.

2- People are observant
People are more observant than I give them credit for. I should remember this in the mornings when I think it's a good idea to wear a black t-shirt with a 3 inch hole over the side of my boob because my bra is black and "no one will notice".

3- I could never be a Doctor
A gentleman came into our shop today to get his scooter and he had just recently had stitches put in all over the side of his nose. It looked like his nose had fallen off his face and they were trying to get it to stick back on. It was all pussy and red and I almost threw up just looking at it. Oh yuck I'm gonna barf.

4- McCain was not a bad looking young man
I saw a picture of John McCain when he was younger and he wasn't gross. Which surprised me because he's absolutely disgusting now. But Obama is an adorable middle aged man... and I trust that more.

5- There is nothing cuter than chubby girls in pigtails
I think little girls with chubby cheeks and pigtails is the cutest thing in the world. Especially when they are waddling around my office with their stubby legs and giggling. Is it possible to give birth to something like that? Instant chubby-pig-tailed cuties.

7- It's hard to get rid of your perfect pants
I have a pair of pants that has an enormous hole in the crotch and they are held together by a safety pin but I can't bring myself to get rid of them because they fit so perfectly. So I wear them constantly and pray that no one notices they are falling apart.
8- I can and should pick my car by color
I have recently been made fun of by numerous people including a husband and co-workers because I want to pick out my car by color instead of amenities or engine type. After giving this quite a bit of consideration I have come to the conclusion that I am right. Why shouldn't we pick things in our life because they are pretty or make us happy.

9- I should live more in the moment
I should stop living in the past or trying to live in the future and live exactly where I'm at. I should be happy being a young married woman working while her husband is going to school. We should eat Macaroni and Cheese more. We should hold hands more often. We should be more random. I should take more pictures.
Okay so I only noticed 9 things today. I'll try and be more observant tomorrow.


julie said...

Wow...I should be more observant and notice things like that. You really did take time to "smell the roses" today didn't you? Work must be terribly boring. I am so sorry. But one thing I did agree with (there were several) should take more pictures. I love pictures. They give me a visual and I can "imagine what you are talking about".

Eric and Caralee said...

Dayna, you have always been after my own heart, I love you so much. Of course you should pick your car by color (RED!!) I have been telling Eric I want every car we have to be red (except the F350, that should be bad and black);)

suelyn w said...

Wow deep thoughts by Dayna, all of which I could not have agreed more with. I'd have to say that I just plain find most people weird, especially when I go to the city, they just don't seem as normal as us country bumkins!