Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Decorative Stuff

If any of you guys have seen Anchorman you will totally understand why Jack thought it would be okay to laugh at me when I sat in my living room and randomly said "I love lamp" (granted I did inject "MY" into that sentence so I didn't sound so uneducated). For those of you who haven't seen Anchorman I don't recommend it at all- it was lame- so just sit there and stay confused as to why that is funny.

Last Saturday Jack had to work and I had 3 whole hours to myself. I started off going pants shopping at the mall. Unfortunately that sucked- shocker I know. I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything I tried on. Mainly because I just looked "too sexy" and that's just not fair to the rest of the population. So off to my next stop I go... Now for those of you who haven't been to my house in a couple weeks I have 2 fish sitting on a shelf in my living room. Unfortunately I have become bored of them and so I'm not changing their water in hopes that they die. If I neglect them then it's not really murder... it's just an accident but if I flush them while they are still alive that's practically MAN SLAUGHTER. I'm pretty sure they are dead- at least they haven't moved in a couple days. But I can't get rid of their bodies because they are being used as decorations right now and I have nothing to replace them with. So if anyone comes to visit in the next little while just ignore the floating fish.

I tell you that story to tell you this. My next stop was the DI- All I needed was a small, black, decorative device to replace the fish. I'm not picky. Unfortunately the DI had nothing. (don't you love that I told you that entire fish killing story just to say the DI had nothing to replace them with... that's how awesome I am)

So after failing at Pants and Dead Fish Replacement Device I ran off to my last hope for spending money- Wal-Mart. Now here's my plug for the day. If you find yourself in the Provo area and really need a wal-mart, go to Lindon. It's amazing and never busy and did I mention amazing. So I'm wandering around Wal-Mart picking out car air freshener (peachy peach) and I just happen upon the lamp isle. Jack never lets me wander down random isles just for the sake of looking so I took full advantage of this opportunity. And what would you know- in the dead center of this isle there was a box. Not just any box. A box with a LAMP in it. And placed upon this box was a red sticker. A red sticker that read "Dear Dayna, Because you spent all day trying on pants that looked "too sexy on you" and because you refuse to man-slaughter the Tryon's fish I bestow this lamp upon you for your purchasing pleasure. Sincerely Yours, (inject name here... because honestly who cares who it's from when there is such a sweet note as that) Actually the red sticker read $13 which I interpreted to say all that stuff. But for $13 dollars I got this killer sweet floor lamp that looks amazing in the corner of my living room.


julie said...

I just love your blog!! Your stories make my day and I laugh so hard. You are an awesome story teller. And not matter how hard I try, I could never compete with you! By the way...I loved the lamp. It adds great depth to the livingroom...seriously! And the fish, just flush them they can swim down there and maybe live in the sewer system and end up happy like Nemo did. It could happen!!

julie said...
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Grace said...

I love your new lamp, Dayna. It is a Tiffany lamp, kinda funny, huh?