Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Party Stuff

I love the idea of hosting parties but when it comes right down to it I'm kind of a boring hostess. haha So when Halloween rolled around Jack wasn't surprised when I brought up the idea of having a few friends over for a party. I was determined to actually make this party fun though. I spent hours planning party games and working out the menu.

Sam, Tiffany, Higgs and Kimberly (Jacks brother, sister in law, Jack's old mission companion/our friend, and my little sister) came over and we broke up into teams and played minute to win it games. It was SO much fun. I haven't laughed that hard in ages- it was so easy and entertaining. We had 7 games and each person had 2 name cards. We each chose what games we wanted to participate in and then went head to head with a member from the opposite team. The girls ended up winning by 1 point in the last game so it was pretty intense.

We made homemade rootbeer with dry ice (my fave part of the whole party) and an entire table full of chips, dips, fruits, veggies and breadsticks. It was absolutely delicious.

After games we finished off our Halloween by watching Jack's favorite scary movie The Ring. I think my party was actually a success this year. I may even attempt it again next year (do you think anyone would care if I just repeated this party every year??? Why mess with a good thing?)


Kristin said...

I'm jealous - I want to be there!

julie said...

It looks like you had a ball. You've always been an awesome party planner and always make things so much fun!!!! Glad everyone had a good time.