Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Weekend Stuff

I loved no school days when I was in school but now that I WORK at a school I love them even more! Last weekend we didn't have school on Friday so I ran off to spend the weekend with my family. I left Thursday afternoon and spent the entire time partying with my fam! It was Kimberly and Cameron's birthday weekend so we ate fabulous food and celebrated them.

Thursday we ate Seashells and Caesar Salad for Kim's birthday. We watched Madagascar 2 and laughed our heads off. (love that show!) Kim turned 18 this year. Crazy! I love that girl so much! She makes me laugh my head off and my problems don't seem so hard when I'm with her. She makes me forget about myself. I feel so lucky to have her as my sister and one of my best friends.
Friday I convinced my mom to let me help her clean out the storage room. Wow. I thought it might take us a few hours but I didn't realize it would take us a few hours to only do one section. We filled two cars to the brim with DI stuff and then another car full of stuff to give away. I love the feeling of de-junking. Especially when it's not my stuff and I have no emotional attachments.

Friday we also celebrated my Grandpa Weight's 70th Birthday. We all got together and had pizza and cake with the rest of my extended family. I feel so lucky to have the family that I do. They are the greatest. I loved being there for my Grandpa's birthday. Sometimes I feel so out of the loop living so far away and it was so nice to be there to celebrate. Love you Grandpa!

Saturday we headed to Altamont to watch Cameron at Region Wrestling. I suck at watching wrestling. It stresses me out SO bad. Those poor boys just beating each other up. But Cameron did amazing and I am so proud of him! He took 4th at Region which meant he got to go to State! I love watching my siblings do something they love. Especially when they are good at it.

Sunday we celebrated Kim and Cam's birthdays with a family party at my mom's. We ate Winger's Chicken wraps and played games and ate cake. I love having reasons to celebrate.

Monday was Cameron's official birthday but I wasn't able to stay that long. Cam is one of the best bro's a girl could ask for (I got lucky with 3 amazing brothers). I could sit and talk to him for hours. He is so fun and makes me feel so good about myself. I love that I still feel like my 16 year old brother is taking care of me. I feel so lucky to have him as my brother and one of my best friends.

I love weekends at home. I love that I have such a close family and feel lucky to call them all friends. Everyone needs weekends like that. Love you guys!


julie said...

It wa super fun to have you come out. I loved that you even convinced me to was so nice to have that done.

Kristin said...

My brothers wrestled and I really miss wrestling tournaments.

David loved the pants and t-shirts from your brother, so thanks!