Friday, January 1, 2010

Year in Review Stuff

2009 was hands down the worst year of my life.

I've never cried so much in my entire 23 years combined. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say
I'm seriously not exaggerating there.

While I don't believe there was a ultimate reason we had to endure so much
I am not above saying I learned something from it all.

This year I came to a complete understanding of how much my Heavenly Father loves me. What a comfort that has been. I've come to appreciate the atonement more than I can even express. My loving Heavenly Father sent His Son to not only die for my sins but suffer for my sorrows. On days when I feel like I can't go on I remember that He's been there. When nobody quite understands my pain I remember that He felt it. When I cry myself to sleep I remember that He ached and continues to ache for me. For this I am grateful.

Dear 2010, Be nice to me. I'm fragile.


Eric and Caralee said...

You look so beautiful Dayna! Don't worry, I know this year will be a great one for you, when you are at the very bottom the only way to go is up! Love ya tons. (And you will get to see your favorite Caralee this year :) we'll be headed back west for good!

John and Sommer Weight Family said...

I have to agree that 09 was awful!! I had different challenges than you, but I cried a ton myself. 2010 has got to be better. I love your pick by the way. =)

Kristin said...

Isn't it strange that in our saddest moments we draw closest to our Father in Heaven? I always find that the best times follow the worst times. Keep your chin up! P.S. I agree that you look fantastic in the photo.

Kat said...

I remember thinking the exact same thing over new years... 2009 was the most horrible year for me too. But here's to change in 2010!

Hanberg Family said...

You hang in there! Things will get better for you! We all have pain, we all have trials, we are being tested. Keep your head up, learn all that you can and love every day as a gift, because it is!! Love you, Dayna!!