Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jazz Game Stuff

For Jack's birthday I got him tickets to the Jazz/Bobcats game. I was so bummed that I spilled the beans about the game before his actual birthday but I was determined to have fun regardless.

Jack and I headed up to the game after he got off work and enjoyed the ride up. It's the first time we've seen each other for longer than 10 minutes at a time in almost a week. I miss that boy! We ate dinner at Chili's before the game and then headed in early. We got to watch the team warm up for a few minutes- It's always so surreal to me when I see them so close up. They're people too? Weird.

We eventually had to return to our seats for the actual game. We were so far up that it actually made me lightheaded and made my hands clam up because we were so high. I do not do heights! I'm pretty sure they send everyone who fails an IQ test to the upper bowl. We sat in a really interesting section. Apparently the basketball players hear and care about what the people sitting on the top row think. At least the people behind us sure thought so. I decided that I need to become rich so I never have to sit in the upper bowl again- at least not the top half!
We had so much fun though and making fun of the idiots around us added to the experience. I think giving Jack Birthday presents that I get to enjoy also is a fabulous idea!


julie said...

You guys look so happy and wonderful in this picture!! I am so glad that you had fun!...I agree, give a gift that you get to enjoy too.