Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Stuff

Christmas Day starts early around here. No matter how hard I try to sleep in I am always up and at it before I should be! This year I woke up at 6:30 and couldn't go back to sleep for the life of me (THAT IS EARLY PEOPLE) so I got up and showered and got ready for the day. If I didn't I would not be posting any pictures of me on Christmas!

Jack waited patiently and we finally got to opening presents about 7:30. This year we started (what I hope to be a continuing tradition) filling each other stockings with "coupons". I got some fabulous coupons for girls day with my mom, a clean house, a night off and 5 free hugs (inside joke.... modern family?) I love that we had to put thought into our stocking stuffers and spent absolutely nothing on them.

Jack got spoiled and received everything he needs to BBQ- which is really a present for me because it means I don't have to cook! He got a "Man"pron (apron), charcoal, lighter fluid, a cook book, utensils and a stove top grill. He also came away with some movies, calvin and hobbes books, hoodie, mic for his computer and headphones.

I got spoiled as well. I got an adorable apron from my mommers. She's so crafty, TV trays, movies, scrapbook stuff, an embossing tool, a robe, scarfs and boots. We had so much fun opening presents. Thanks everyone for spoiling us. We love you!

After opening presents the Wilkerson's always have a huge Christmas breakfast. It's one of my favorite traditions so we do it at our house too. We have Pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream, eggs, hash browns, sausage, bacon and orange juice. SO amazing. I love it.

We lazed around the rest of the day- i slept and jack played with all his toys. We watched movies and lounged. Christmas night I always make a huge Christmas dinner. I make Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Rolls, Cranberry Sauce Stuffing, Corn and Yams. We topped it off with a homemade baked cheesecake with a raspberry sauce. Oh. My. Gosh. Everything was so amazing. I love Christmas Dinner. I made enough so we could have leftovers for days. And that is all we've eaten since Friday. Mmmm.... love it!

After we stuffed ourselves to brink capacity we snuggled on the couch and watched Fringe (one of our new fave shows) and fell asleep exhausted. Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours!


julie said...

You are such an amazing cook. You dad would have loved it if I could have cooked food like that when we had only been married for a few short years. It looks delish!!!!

julie said...

PS...We are so glad that you had a good Christmas, we miss seeing you guys on Christmas day, but are so glad that you are able to start your own family traditions that you will pass down in with your kids. We love you both so much!

Megan said...

I love your new updated blog and... Wow that Christmas dinner looks amazing! I think it's cute you guys celebrate just the two of you. It is seriously chaotic driving to Duchesne for Christmas sometimes. PS- I am totally stealing your coupon idea next year!

Kristin said...

Sounds fun! I love the coupon stuffing idea. Maybe we'll copy it! You need to start inviting us over to eat.