Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Stuff

This year I decided to head back to Duchesne for Memorial Day weekend. Jack had to work and my mom and I wanted to get some serious crafting done (I'll share in a later post when I get everything done). I braved the traffic on Friday night along with every camper, truck and cop in Utah and headed towards the Basin.

Lucky for me I got to be there for Halle's Dance recital. My amazing Sister-in-law Dana has her own dance studio in Duchesne. She does SUCH an amazing job and has so many girls already (but she would LOVE to teach yours as well). I got to be there to see all her hard work (and Halle's- yay Halle) Doesn't Halle just look gorgeous in these pictures? She's so grown up. Weird.

I had so much fun with my family. We watched movies, talked, sewed (ALL DAY) ate delicious food. It was great. I love weekends home with my family. I get to catch up with the people I love most and I get to go back to being a kid again. No problems, no worries. Even if it is just for a weekend.


Dana Kay Wilkerson said...

you are so pretty dayna!!! and halle looked GORGEOUS!!! and did so wonderful at the recital!!! :)

julie said...

We did have a great time didn't we. I loved just sewing and talking and sewing....and talking...and more sewing. It was really fun. Halle was so excited that you could come out for her recital, it meant a lot to her that you could do that.