Monday, May 25, 2009

Starting Summer Stuff

A few weekends ago Jack and I decided to take advantage of this gorgeous summery weather we've been getting and head up the canyon for a BBQ. I researched all sorts of sweet spots we could go and I finally settled on a lake up Payson Canyon. It had a great spot for BBQing and we could lay out and tan and even swim if we wanted. I was SO excited. We headed up the canyon and got all the way to the top (it's really windey- not windy) only to discover that the road to the lake is closed until Memorial Day. We were bummed but ended up finding a sweet place to BBQ along a river.

Jack cooked Hamburgers while I killed bugs with matches. Good times. It was so much fun. I love summer saturday activities! And that was probably one of our last. =( Jack's work schedule got changed so he now works saturdays instead of sundays. Bummer.


julie said...

super fun stuff!!! I miss those spontaneous times and the fun of being young.