Saturday, May 9, 2009

Halle Stuff

12 years ago Halle was born into our family. Most of the kids were old enough to enjoy her being a baby. As the result she was/is spoiled rotten! But we love her SO much. She is the sweet spirit our family needed. I love her for so many reasons! Thanks for being such a special sister and one of my best friends! 

Halle is the sweetest person I know. Seriously. She is continually thinking of others and makes everyone around her feel special. 

Halle is an amazing artist. When Jack and I got married she drew us a picture of us on our wedding day. It was amazing. She framed it and we've had it hanging in our bedroom in every house we've lived in. 

Halle is such a good sport. Being the youngest of 6 kids she pretty much has to be to survive. =) She's had so many nicknames it's hard to keep track of them all. Jack and I refer to her as Lucious (because that's what we were calling her when I left the house). Kim and I sing to her whenever she gets grouchy... Lucious we love you, that's all we have to offer, Lucious we need you, please don't turn us away. It drives her nuts. 

Halle is so fun to be with. She's come and stayed with us many times since we've been married.  We've been able to do such fun things and make so many memories. She really is one of my best friends. 

Happy Birthday Halle
We love you so much! 


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I do enjoy having awesome sisters myself. Happy Birthday to your sibbie.