Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ultimate Fun Stuff

As the 4th of July approached Jack and I realize we had no plans. The Tryons were going to be in Canada so we were left to find entertainment on our own. Eventually, after a huge debate over a road trip to Oregon or a close to home camping trip, camping won. We searched EVERY camp site in Utah (via the internet) and found one that still had sites open. So Friday morning we loaded our car with all sorts of exciting stuff and headed up Nephi Canyon.

We arrived at Ponderosa campground in the early afternoon and were pleasantly surprised with our campsite. It was gorgeous! It was nestled in the middle of a group of pine trees with a running stream right next to it. It was the only campsite that was nestled away from the other sites so we were completely alone. It was great!

Jack and I decided to drive up the scenic Nebo Loop that was right by our campground. It was absolutely gorgeous! We stopped at the very top and took pictures with the entire canyon in the background. It was amazing. It was so green and pretty. Seriously one of my new favorite spots in Utah!

Along the Nebo loop is a canyon called the Devils Kitchen. There's a small walk and then out of nowhere is this amazing canyon full of red rock formations. It was so cool!

We spent the entire Friday afternoon/evening driving around looking at the sights. We even went on a small hike. Fun stuff! Jack made AMAZING tinfoil dinners for dinner that night and then we made delicious s'mores. We stayed up late talking about politics, movies, and goals. It was so fun to just be the two of us.

We slept in the car that night.... There were bear warnings all over the campground. Wether or not there was actually a bear is besides the point it was scary! So we spent a rather uncomfortable night in our Nissan Sentra. Still fun though and once the sun came up we gladly moved into our tent with the air mattress. I mean come on people everyone knows the shining sun kills bears. So we were safe. Breakfast consisted of Bacon, Eggs, Hashbrowns, and Pancakes with Strawberries and Whipped Cream. It was amazingly delicious.

Now our camping trip is done. We are home safe and sound and couldn't have been happier with our 4th of July camping trip.


Zack & Keri said...

Dayna,(chubby) how the heck are you? I was so excited and surprised to hear from you. I love your pictures, they are awesome. It sounds like everything is going great for you. It is seriously so good to hear from you. I will try to stay in touch with you through your blog, that seems to be the easiest way. That's sweet you moved into a new apartment too, that's always fun. Well keep me updated and I'll talk to you later!

horehey said...

jack's a wimp he could take on a bear no problem. hey jack this is horehey. if you still dont know who i am i am george your little brother. what kind a bear was it? hey jack when i was at scout camp there was a bear sighting. a moma bear and a baby bear. anyway about thebear sighting it was right by our camp so all the scouts around us in there las vegas and orem utah homes (city boys) they all slept in there scouts trucks and mini vans we slept in our tents.
myton boys.