Monday, July 28, 2008

Sin City Stuff

Because Jack and I are such amazing employees we hadn't taken any time off for vacations this summer. People at my office take weeks off at a time and I figured it was only fair that I take one day off and have a real vacation. So Me, Jack, Joan and Tryon all packed up our bags and we piled into the Tryon's car and headed off to Las Vegas! We wanted to have a real trip before the Tryons headed back east for Law School (who does that?).

Anyway, our amazing trip started off with a stop in St. George for some great Mongolian BBQ. The Tryons had raved about it for years so we figured we should try it out. It really was great- they actually used sticks to stir up my dinner. How amazing is that? It looked very Mongolian-like. Impressive! After dinner we went and watched the new Batman in the theater. SO amazing. We were all shocked at it's awesomeness. Joan even had nightmares about the Joker. Poor girl... not sure how she even slept with her husband snoring at such an intense level right next to her. (Jack and I didn't sleep) It was awesome though and we all stayed up late talking about it. Which didn't bode well in the morning when we all had to wake up early so we could get to Mesquite for breakfast at the Oasis! Who can beat $6.50 for a breakfast buffet? It was great.

We got to Vegas about noon and spent the day sight-seeing. We walked through all the hotels and stores and then went to the M&M store and The Star Trek Experience. We went to an amazing magic show. It was so cool and I think we were all impressed... who wouldn't be when an airplane appears onstage in less than 5 seconds. Come on! We finished with dinner at Planet Hollywood in Ceasers Palace where we made great friends with our waitress from Poland. By this time we were all exhausted from walking all day so we headed back to the hotel and spent a little time in the hot tub and pool.

We had to head home the next morning as all of us had to work early on Monday. It was a short vacation but definitely one of the better ones.