Monday, July 28, 2008

Getting Stuff

Any of you who know Jack also know that he loves his video games and any of you who know me know that I love to spend money. Anyway, with Jacks incredible love for games and my incredible love for spending money we ended up with a Nintendo Wii the other night. In a random boredom moment Jack and I found ourselves at Best Buy walking around. We both commented on how fun it would be to have a Wii but of course they were completely sold out of them as was every other store in the Provo Valley. A couple days later Jack found himself with an hour to kill before I got off work and wandered back in to Best Buy. This time they actually had one Wii left and Jack literally had to outrun a 30 year old guy to get it. We've loved our Wii. We bought Mario Party 8 and it's actually one game that I don't completely suck at. Of course Jack still beats me at it but it's fun to play together. And I figure if I'm going to lose my husband to a video game I might as well enjoy it with him.

Also, many of you know that sad news that the Tryons are officially leaving us this weekend. They are headed back to Washington DC for 3 years where they can make something of themselves and come back all presitgious and such. We are incredibly sad and every time I think about it I cry. Anyway.... we have adopted their pet hamster (which we gave them for Christmas) George Michael as our own. Now Buster and Lucille have an older brother. Fun for them. We are also the proud owners of 2 new fish. Jack claims he's going to flush them but I think he'll forget about them soon eneough. ALSO... we are getting their washer and dryer! This is what I'm most excited about. I can finally do laundry at my home. I don't have to wait till all our clothes are dirty and then spend an entire day at the laundry-mat. Good times. So I guess their are perks for them leaving us.


suelyn w said...

I'm jealous you guys have a Wii, I've been wanting to get one so I can humble Steve up a little! Sounds like you have a house full. Hey one other perk to your friends moving is it will give you an excuse to go back east and visit.