Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter Stuff

Easter is one of those holidays that Jack insists is for kids. He doesn't really get into the whole dying Easter eggs and finding baskets. Luckily he married a girl that gets crazy excited about every holiday. I force him to enjoy them too.

This year I made Jack go on a treasure hunt to find his basket. He thinks I'm cheesy but later told me it was the best Easter. He humored me and dyed eggs (even though we always end up throwing them away). Then he BBQed some amazing steaks and asparagus for Easter dinner. Delicious.


Eric and Caralee said...

I totally love easter, it's my most favorite holiday. I LOVE the picture of Jack with the egg, so funny! :)

Kristin said...

I've always made David decorate eggs. I even used to make him hunt for them. Now I think he's glad we have kids so he can just help them. I love decorating. I have to have my own dozen. I can't believe you throw away the eggs! I eat them for breakfast and lunch until they're gone.