Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baylie Stuff

Our favorite little girl is turning 2 this week. I remember when her parents moved into our ward and I leaned over to Jack and said "we should be friends with them cuz their baby is SO cute". Who would have known that her parents would be pretty great too =). We're so grateful to have such great friends. I've leaned on Kristin a lot this past year and honestly i'm not sure I could have gotten through it without her friendship and support. I love her to pieces! PLUS she shares her kids with me- she knows exactly what I need.

Baylie is turning two this week so Jack and I decided we wanted to take her on a birthday date. I was giddy ALL day waiting for 3:45 to roll around. haha We took her to the Bean Museum up at BYU to see all the animals. It took her a minute to warm up to all the stuffed scary animals but then she ran around like crazy. She loved looking at the fish on the wall and the birds. She knew the names of so many animals and loved telling us what they said.

After the museum we took her to a few pet stores to see live animals. She loved looking at the fish. One pet store had a tank on the bottom shelf with the lid off and she just stood over the tank watching the fish. She also loved the puppies and snakes. Ugh! She was mesmerized with the snakes climbing up the sides and staring at her. We're pretty sure they were planning their dinner. I HATE snakes!

After the pet stores we took her to McDonalds to eat dinner. All she wanted was fries and her apple juice. At one point I dumped her fries out into her chicken nugget box so she could grab them easier and she refused to eat them. It took us a minute to realize she wanted them back in the fry bag so I gave it back to her and she proceeding to put all the fries back in and then she was happy to continue eating them. haha so cute. She loved playing in the play land. Jack even let her go into the big jungle gym slides. haha He thought it was cute till she looked at me from the top and said "Dayna, help" so I sent him in to get her. She loved playing with the "music" (largo piano keys on the floor that make noise when you step on them) and jumping on the guitar.

We made her run errands with us too. I had to pick up a few things from the grocery store and Jack kept her entertained by pretending to run into things or fall and she would laugh hysterically. I'm sure people thought we were ridiculous because we would just stand in an isle for 5 minutes running into things and taking videos.

We're so glad we get to have Baylie in our lives. She brightens our days and makes us smile just when we need it. Happy Birthday Baylie. We love you!


Megan said...

She is adorable! I love her hair and her cute little laugh. You guys are awesome to take her out for her birthday!

julie said...

That is the sweetest thing ever! You guys are awesome, wonderful people!!! Bailie is lucky to have you in her life as well as you guys in her's. She is adorable!!!!

Kristin said...

This made me cry and then laugh! I'm so grateful for your friendship (even if it's only for my daughter :)). It was so nice for us to have a night out. I love how Baylie will talk about "Dayna" all on her own.