Monday, August 3, 2009

Echo Lake Stuff

Jack and I need a vacation about once a week. I can't even tell you how many times I plan elaborate get aways in my head only to have the real world crush them to smithereens. As a result we usually get one good vacation a year. (we totally deserve more) This year we jumped on the bandwagon and headed to Echo Lake, Montana to spend the week at the Ady Grandparents cabin. Jack was more excited for this trip than he is for Christmas. He spent many a summers lazing around on this lake and enjoying family fun. It had been 8 long years since he was able to go back and he definitely thought it was time.

We started our trip off at 5pm on Tuesday. We prefer to drive all night. And drive all night we did. After a quick stop for a few Zzz's we arrived at the cabin around 6am Wednesday morning. We woke up everyone and made them welcome us. Grandma fussed over us like only a grandma can. Trying to situate us on her nice couches and covering us with blankets and pillows. I love having someone look after me. We were too excited to sleep so Jack took me on a tour of the grounds. After and early breakfast we all changed into our swimsuits and headed for the lake. This would be the ritual for the next 4 days.

We spent most of our time tubing, skiing, surfing, swimming and just leisurely riding on the boat. We had SO much fun. We got to see Jack's cousins and aunt and uncle whom we haven't seen since our wedding and catch up with them. It was nice to be on vacation surrounded by family.

Jacks way braver than me when it comes to water sports. I like to stick to what I know and only went tubing but Jack got up on the surf board and went skiing a bunch of times. Maybe next year I'll be brave.

Sam tried out the parasail that Uncle John brought. Basically you tie yourself up to the boat, the boat guns it, you run, and pray the wind catches the parachute and you end up in the air instead of face planting it in the water. I'm not sure which would be worse though. It sounded fun in theory but once we saw how high Sam got up we weren't sure we were up for that. Unfortunately the parachute ripped after Sam went so Jack and I didn't even have the opportunity to chicken out.

We spent our nights playing cards and games and just visiting with family. I rock my socks off at Rook by the way. Especially when Doug and I are on a team and Grandma sits over my shoulder and tells me what to play. Best. Rook. Player. Ever.

The week went by way too fast. Now we are back to real life and counting down the days till we can go back next year. Farewell Vacation. See you soon!


John and Sommer Weight Family said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! I love Montanna-everything there is beautiful.

24/7 Dance said...

looks like so much fun!!! you guys look so tan looking at the second picture compared to the first lol. glad you had fun!!!

Kristin said...

So is that a before and after shot of the two of you??

julie said...

Oh so fun! It looks like a beautiful place!!! I am glad that you had fun and that it worked out so that you could go.

Anna :] said...

Your Echo Lake spread is awesome! You look so pretty with a tan! :) But, still ridiculously pretty without one! All your pictures are super pretty, you're so talented, you should probably pick up that hobby as well! :)