Sunday, November 23, 2008

Walking Stuff

So this weekend Jack and I headed back to the basin for some quality family time. We split up for the day so Jack could go visit his family and I could visit mine. Me and my mom and sisters spent all day making jewelry and laughing and talking... by the way did anyone realize that Halle is 11? I didn't.

I went and saw Kimberly and Cameron perform in Guys and Dolls. How adorable. They are by far the cutest most adorable actors in all of Duchesne. yay for them!

Todd and Dana gave me a tour of their house they are buying. It's adorable and I'm so jealous they get to have a home. But I'm super happy for them.

It was a quick trip. It made me miss my family and wish I lived closer. Luckily we get to go back in a couple days for Thanksgiving.

Here's an adorable picture of Jack and I. We went for a walk on the Provo River trail. It was such a gorgeous day- probably one of the last snowless days we'll have for a few months. We took it with Jacks phone so don't judge the quality.

So here's a couple Good News moments... Jack and I fully intend to buy a camera this weekend. YAY! I can finally take pictures of useless crap and post them on my blog again. Sweet! Just in time for the holidays. I also hung my Christmas wreath on the front door. It's adorable. I get to go home for Thanksgiving and eat my mom's food. Jack and I are going to see the Christmas Lights on Temple square in a few weeks. We are spending Christmas in Orem with just the two of us. See all the fun posts you get to look forward to in the coming weeks. Lucky readers!


Eric and Caralee said...

Yay! I can't wait to see your pics :) I'm so glad to hear you are doing well.