Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas Stuff

Just a quick FYI this blog is mainly for my mom. Everyone is welcome to read it but I basically just need my mom to see all my loot and give me the stamp of approval. Ignore this post if it becomes too boring.

It is physically impossible for me to be any more excited for Christmas than I already am. Jack and I have been slowly gathering all the things we need to make this Christmas perfect, new dinnerware for our formal Christmas dinner, Christmas decorations, the perfect wrapping paper, I think you get the drift.

So yesterday we spent the day shopping for cloth napkins and napkin rings, tree decorations, gift wrapping, and cups. Jack actually has immaculate taste when it comes to these kinds of things. Of course he is manly and would much rather have been looking at guitars or video games but he was a good sport and let me have the entire day to shop for girly things. He actually did pick out most of the goods we found (plates, tree decorations, napkin rings, wrapping paper).

I just barely finished wrapping Christmas presents. We have 3 already wrapped and ready to deliver. For those of you still wondering.. yep I am my mama's daughter. (she obsessed with Christmas as well)

Ya'll better get on the ball. There's only 46 shopping days left till Christmas.


Ben, Megan, Andrew, Olivia said...

I have those exact same snowflake plates! I love them. I am super excited for Christmas too but won't let myself go crazy till after Thanksgiving.

Dana Kay Wilkerson said...

fun fun fun!!! i think we're gonna copy your idea of the formal dinner. :)

julie said...

I absolutely love your Christmas stuff. You have very good taste...but you don't need my approval~ I just love to see what you purchased, its like show and tell...its fun to see what everyone else does for christmas. You are such a great daughter, I love you.

Hanberg Family said...


I just love getting on your blog and seeing what you are up ti. You have such a witty expression, it is so cute! Thanks for letting me share in your life. Jacob will be so excited to see this site! Have a great Thanksgiving!