Friday, June 20, 2008

Stuff that Sucks!

Moving to a new place, wether it be a new apartment, house, or cardboard box, holds a sort of magic. The floors are clean and YOU didn't even have to mop them! The corners are cobweb free and YOU weren't the one that had to sweep them out! Everything seems to work and life is perfect.... until you find all the problems that the previous owners hid so well. In our case, the bliss lasted about an hour.

This morning I woke up at 6am on the dot, just like I have for the past week. Not because I set my alarm for that time, but because the house is SO bright when the sun comes up that we wake up convinced it's noon and we've both missed work. I covered my head and rolled over because I refuse to wake up that early. Even if I can't sleep I lay in bed and force myself to stay there because i can't give my mother the satisfaction of knowing her early mornings may have rubbed off on me (they haven't). Anyway, I eventually did fall asleep and I woke up about 2 hours later. After I decided that I couldn't call in sick to work just because it was morning I rolled out of bed and headed to the shower. Once I stepped out of our room I was hit with a wave of 82 degree heat. (Yes, in our house) Because of course our landlord can't find the swamp cooler that is supposed to be hooked up to our window. So I'm already hating this day because 1) I woke up at 6am and 2) It's hotter in my living room than it is on the beaches of CA. So I'm getting in the shower right... and I turn on just the right amount of hot and cold and then I turn the middle nob that starts the shower and who would guess... it twists off into my hand. So I'm standing there with the shower nob in my hand and water is spurting out from the wall and the spout and I can't get it to stop but I really need a shower and I'm already gonna be late for work. Even Jack with all his mechanical experience couldn't get it to work. It was quite a morning! But no worries, calls have now been placed to the landlord to check and make sure that yes, they are coming over today to put in a new AC and they will send someone over asap to fix our shower.

So lucky us, for now we are living in a bright, 82 degree house that has no shower. Anyone want to come visit us?


jkw said...

Ahhh...the worries and life of an Adult. But I have decided that a large part of your problems could be solved if you 1) just got up when the sun woke you up and started your day 2) become accustomed to your new climate change and bask in the heat because before you know it, it will be winter again. So a positive thinker and fix your own problems...oh and 3) learn to enjoy a harsh spray of water upon your body as you shower or pretend you are a seal!!!! Life as an Adult, boy doesn't it make you want to grow up? : )

Linda said...

Hello Cuz, This thing is pretty cool and I'm so glad you set it up cuz I have been worried about you guys. Well all is well here. The kids are getting so big. Brayden is a month old and has a check up on the 3rd. Kylee is getting really big also she has a check up on the 8th. We are getting a house and closing in about a week. We are really excited. Justin is doing really well also. Well I hope to hear from you soon LOVE YOU.