Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Stuff

Welcome to our blog! Jack and I never have enough time to call and catch up with all the people we want to so we thought we would start updating everyone here. Not that our lives are very exciting or anything, but some of you might possibly be interested in whats going on.

Life has been SO crazy lately. Jack and I both started new jobs a couple of months ago. Jack is now working at Nuskin Enterprises. He talks on the phone to very important people including President Bush's daughter... thats actually a true story (she was really stupid.) The company treats their employees very well and he gets to sit in an air conditioned office so that's fun for him. I am now working as a Receptionist at Clifford Motors. It's not the most exciting job but I enjoy working with people and it's fun to get out of the house. I also talk to extremely important people on the phone... including Thurl Bailey. Yep that's a true story to. Aren't you glad you are all friends with such cool people.

We also just moved to a new apartment! It was kind of a spur of the moment move. We had been thinking of moving to Orem for a couple of months now so I had just randomly been looking at the classifieds. I found one in our price range that we went and looked at and we fell in love with it, filled out an application, and rented it within a span of 24 hours. We hadn't planned on moving till August but the landlord wanted someone in there within the next week so we spent a stressful couple of days trying to get someone to rent our old place and trying to pack and clean. It all worked out though and we are now in a really nice 2 bedroom place that's minutes away from Jack's school so it works out much better for us.

I just celebrated my 22nd birthday on the 9th. I had a whole weekend of birthday celebrations so it was great. We started the festivities by having some much deserved girl time while Joan and I (just so all of you can be in the loop- Joan and Steve are our best friends here whom we do everything with so a lot of our updates will most likely include them) went and got pedicures. Then we all went to dinner and a movie. Then Sunday we headed back to Duchesne where my mom cooked me an amazing birthday dinner topped off with the best birthday cake ever! Monday was my actual birthday and Jack spoiled me way more than I deserved. He gave me a ton of amazing presents and then he surprised me and took me to the Rodizio Grill for dinner in Salt Lake. I have the best hubby ever! But now life is back to normal and I have to get used to being a 22 year old.

Jack is trying to get used to living with a 22 year old as well. He reminds me all the time that I'm old. Of course he will be 25 on his birthday and he's already sick about it. He's been staying busy with work and he's started writing political articles. You can read his writings at sillyreasons.blogspot.com. I'm always trying to think of a way to get his articles noticed. He really has a gift. If any of you have any ideas let us know. For now he's just enjoying his summer break from school. He's headed back in the fall and hopefully he'll be completely done with school in 2 years. Who knows what will happen after that but that's the tentative schedule as of now.

And there you have it, a quick update on the life and times of the Ady family. I really do plan on updating this a couple times a week (as long as something exciting happens) so check back every once in a while and then we won't feel so bad for not calling.


Ronna said...

This is really great, Thank you for including Kirk and I, If you need email addresses my dad has most of them. Happy Birthday it sounds like it was a really good one. Love you both Ronna