Friday, May 15, 2015

Mothers Day

Last year I spent Mothers Day on bed rest. I had just been released from the hospital for a blood clot. I technically wasn't a Mother quite yet (I was 12 weeks pregnant) so this year was my official first Mothers Day as a Mom. It was pretty close to perfect. Here's what my mothers day looked like through pictures. 

Jack got me a mirror for our back hallway with hooks for our keys and tags, flowers and chocolate. Max got me a pair of leggings.

Jack made banana cream waffles FROM SCRATCH! With bananas and homemade vanilla syrup.

We went to church together.

Max looked too adorable.

My flower from church. All I wanted this year was to go to church and feel like i belonged that day.

After church I watched some hulu plus ALONE. =)

After a while Jack brought Max back and we snuggled while he took a nap.

We made homemade Chicken Tikki Masala for dinner.

We finished off the night with homemade deep fried cookie dough and ice cream. 

It was a pretty perfect day. 


Kristin said...

Nothing quite like accepting that flower and having it not hurt! Love you!