Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 2 Weigh In

Our engagement photo. Life before fast food and ice cream became our hobbies. 

On the show Biggest Loser they always have the dreaded "week 2". The first week you lose all your water weight and you have a huge number. Week 2 numbers are always significantly smaller. I'm not sure why I thought I could skip over that. I lost almost 10 pounds in week 1 and this week I dropped 1.4 pounds. It's still a loss but not nearly as much as I had hoped for. 

I had a few setbacks this week. I managed to get a 30 minute workout in every day. Unfortunately Wednesday night I was having a Debbie Downer day and decided a cup of chocolate chips and cheetos would cure the problem. They didn't. I ended up feeling sick all night and then the guilt made me feel sick the rest of the week. Friday night I decided to make cupcakes for my free day (Saturday) and I found myself picking in the cake batter the entire time. Not okay. So I can see where I need to fix some things for this week. 

This week my goal is to get a 30 minute workout every day. I'm going to avoid snacking on junk food completely and I'm going to do better planning my lunches. I did okay drinking my water this week but I'm going to up my intake and finish at least 1 Liter before work is over every day. My goal is to lose 3.1 this week which will get me out of the 250's FOREVER! 

I felt really disappointed when I got on the scale this morning but by the time we left our Weight Watchers meeting I had decided to brush it off and learn from my week. 

On the bright side. Jack reached his goal weight this week. He's lost over 50 pounds since starting weight watchers and he weighed in at 189.6 this morning. Hooray! He has 6 weeks to maintain that and then he will become a lifetime member. Then we can stop paying for his weight watchers and we will be 40 dollars richer every month! =) 


Caralee said...

Hey, weight loss is weight loss,no matter how much it is!! Way to go chubby!! Love you tons :) (Oh and thanks for blogging about it, I love hearing about you and everything you are doing)

Kristin said...

Hooray for Jack! And don't compare your weight loss to the whopping numbers from Biggest Loser. I think a pound a week is excellent.

Laurzie Mack said...

Well done. I totally understand have been on a diet called exante which is ally shake based. 10lbs down loads Morton go. Xx

Laurzie Mack

Kátia Alves said...

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