Friday, September 2, 2011

Crafting Stuff

Working for the school district offers MANY perks. One of them being summer. I usually look for a summer job but this year I procrastinated too long and I ended up just staying home and not working. Oh how I love not working. I used the summer months to get a head start on my craft fair (November 4-5th, mark your calendar). I have a ton of fun stuff ready to sell but I decided I needed 1 craft project that could be all for me!

When we moved into this house one of my most favorite things was that we had a peep hole in the front door. Now I can successfully ignore everyone while still knowing who came to my house. Score! So there was no way I was hanging my wreath on my door (it covered my peep hole). I ended up using a hook on my house but every few weeks it would fall off and I would have to go buy another one. I finally decided I needed a stand on my porch. Something adorable but I was too cheap to buy one. I used scrap wood and a hook I had and spent $1.75 at the DI for a base and the corner piece and whiped up this beauty. I am SO happy with the results. Did I mention I spent $1.75?