Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Todd Stuff

When I was exactly 22 months old my mom brought me a toy from the hospital. At least I thought he was my toy. Turns out his name was Todd and people frown on dragging infants around the house by one arm... who would have thought? 21 years later we're both grown with families of our own and we're still the best of friends.

Dear Toddy,

Remember when... we used to make forts on the wooden bunk beds and then we'd spend hours and hours playing. For some reason our forts were so much cooler than the average persons' forts. You were so fun to play with.

Remember when... we told Mom Erik peed his pants (he was little) and so she made him wear a diaper and drink from a bottle. Then we cried because we felt SO bad. Also remember how we tease Erik about it now and he tries to convince us he was like 2 years old but really he was like 7 and we point our fingers and laugh at him SO hard.

Remember when... you used to play barbies with me and you would ALWAYS name your people Thomas or Robert or Thomasina or Roberta. You used to say you were going to name all your kids in that pattern. I loved that you played with me.

Remember when... we used to stay up so late talking about everything and mom would come up and make us go to sleep. Those nights with you and Erik were some of my favorite. I love talking to you.

Remember when... you played basketball and I would sit on the sidelines and scream at the refs. I really was your biggest fan you know.

Remember when... you and Margo went on a triple date with me and Jason and Hailey and Josh. How cool is it that we could double date together. We had so much fun- it was like we were just hanging out as friends instead of siblings.

Remember when... you came and layed on my bed right before I left for college and told me you loved me and how much you would miss me. I gave you a hug and we cried.

Remember when... you got married and I gave you your first "honeymoon" items. I am THE coolest big sister in the world.

Remember when... you turned 21 and I wrote an awesome blog post about how much fun we have together? I'm cool like that.

I love you Toddy! Have a fabulous birthday!


julie said...

You are so sweet and I am so glad that you really are that amazing big sister who loves her siblings like her best friends...because they are your best friends (besides your awesome hubby). Although, I didn't know that you guys picked on poor Erik so much. If I would have only known....the trouble you 2 would have been in! Happy Birthday Todd!

Megan said...

Haha that was cute! Andrew tries dragging Livy around too. I am glad you grew out of it. It gives me hope!

Dana Kay Wilkerson said...


Kristin said...

I yelled so badly at a ref once during my brother's game, the ref tried to throw me out of the gym. I've mellowed a little :).

My brother and I used to torture my little sister by telling her she was adopted. How ironic is that??!!